Thursday, 19 September 2013

What Lesbians Shouldn't Think Of Bisexuals

Arielle Scarcella recently released a video about What Lesbians Think Of Bisexuals. If you haven't seen it, watch it here. Arielle is one of the cutest lesbian bloggers on YouTube right now and she has a prominent series where other lesbians talk about what they think. Some of them have made me giggle, some of them have made me confused, a couple have made me sad but the latest one just made me angry.

Arielle asked lesbians what they thought of bisexuals and got a range of responses from "slutty" to "greedy" to "confused". Some of my favourite quotes include "if she can make me laugh I might get past the fact that she had a dick in her mouth last week" and "my confidence was shaken was really shaken because I was never sure if she was into me and not looking at men as well".

All I can say is that I cannot believe that these kind of responses came from the mouths of people that have experienced discrimination, prejudice and erasure. From a community that is supposed to embrace individual choice when it comes to sexuality, there is a shocking attitude towards bisexuality in the LGBTI community.

Many gay people I know seem to be convinced that it's their way or the highway. I know girls that have been firmly entrenched in the lesbian community and then meet the love of their life, who just happens to be a guy, and then loose connection with over half of her friends. I know many gay people that think you're either straight or gay and that there is no grey inbetween. They seem to have absolutely no idea that other people can think differently to them, let alone feel differently to them.

Sexuality is fluid for many, many people. And for people from the gay community that cannot accept that and think it is one way or the other, I ask them to think about how hard we have had to fight to have our sexualities accepted by society. Until 1974, homosexuality was still defined as a mental illness. We have fought hard to show that no matter what someone's sexual orientation is, we are all still human beings. There is choice in the world and it is shocking for people from the LGBTI community to try and define someone else's sexuality for them and judge them for it.

Friday, 30 August 2013

My Life, The Soap Opera

Sometimes I used to think I could make a daytime soap opera out of my life. Then I told myself not to be stupid. And reminded myself I can be a little self-involved. Then this happened. And I remember that shit like this just somehow keeps happening in my life.

Roommate is moving to Germany. To be with a girl from Luxembourg who I introduced him to. Seven hours after meeting they slept together. Twelve days they were together in real life. Three weeks after starting dating, he decides to move to Germany and renege on the lease he made with me at the start of the year. Only seven months into our contract.

That's not even the worst part.

He didn't have the savings to just up and move to Germany. Who does? So he went for one full-time job interview two weeks after she left. And didn't get it. So instead of looking for another job and working to get the money himself, he asked his father for a loan of $7000 to pay for the trip and living while he was over there. For some unknown reason, his dad agreed.

So now, less than two months after even meeting the girl, he's upping and moving to Germany, and move into the girl's apartment which her own father pays for. He won't pay any rent. He will try and get a job to start paying his father back. The real kicker here? He doesn't even speak German.

How do you get a job in a country where you can't even speak the language?

Gott allein weiƟ.

Anyone looking for a room to rent in Sydney?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Being Into Girls

When I was younger, I dated boys. I didn't really ever think not to - it was just what happened. I never thought otherwise. I always knew I liked to look at girls, loved to even. I always said to myself that I could never date one, the dynamic in the relationship would be too weird. Two girls dating? How could that even work?

I never, ever felt guilty about looking at girls when I dated boys.

Then I started dating girls. I still look at boys sometimes. I'm still the first in the room to comment on the latest hottie that just came onto the TV screen, whether it's a boy or a girl.

I never, ever felt guilty about looking at girls before I knew how into girls I was. Now whenever I look at girls, I can't help but feel as perverted as the drunk sleaze that stands at the bar making unwanted cracks on women. I can't even look at a girl and simply think she's pretty without feeling guilty now. Let alone watching a girl walk up the stairs ahead of me.

I never felt guilty about checking out girls until I realised just how into them I really was.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Proper Use For A Desk

So I'm knee-deep into my exam period and spending hours at my desk every day.

Clearing my mountains of paper and pens from it, laying a soft blanket down on it, strapping myself into the harness and lying my Sailor down on my desk gently.

Collar around her throat, blindfold over her eyes. I left her hands free of cuffs because I wanted to see her hands clench and unclench in the blanket as I toyed with her.

Lined myself up with her and thrust deep inside of her. Take the blindfold off her eyes because I want to see her eyes roll back into her head as I fuck her.

Surprisingly my desk is the exact right height for me to fuck her on standing in front of her. I can get all the perfect angles.

Fuck her until she explodes around me and can't do anything but lay there and mewl in exhaustion. Carry her back to the bed and hold her close while she comes down from the high.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Purrfectly Crazy

Sometimes I think I'm actually crazy. I don't mean the good kind, I mean the how the fuck did I end up this way kind of crazy. As you may have read before, I have anxiety disorder. Okay that's not quite a post explaining it, but it mentions it. So sue me. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had major problems with stress, anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Even after being in therapy for years, and knowing that both anxiety disorder and panic disorder are both very common, I still feel batshit crazy. Like even above normal for other people that have these disorders. When I was a kid, I could never sleep over at any of my friend's houses. Pretty standard separation anxiety. When I grew up, it morphed into a whole sleuth of different problems and anxieties that I'm only just beginning to get a grip on.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Sailor Came Home From Sea

My sailor's home! Still technically on leave, but she sailed her boat right back into my harbor last Friday. Yes, that is a euphemism. But also, she's home. Just makes me want to jump up and down and run around in the rain. Except it's freezing, so I might just go curl back into bed my warm bed with her...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Being Queer And Freaky Online

So as you may or may not know, the GF and I have been involved in the kink scene overseas in Devon in the United Kingdom and have recently put out our tendrils into the scene back at home, in Sydney. We're into many things, including bondage, impact play and a D/s dynamic (though we switch) but we are also really into playing with other people.

My girlfriend and I are non-monogamous. I hesitate to call us polyamorous, not only because neither of us identify as polyamorous but also because we will only play with other people together, and not separately. It's just not strictly monogamy. However, being a same sex female couple in the kink world is a little limiting. We encounter two main problems - guys idealizing us and but also more general problems in the kink community in general.